Become the owner of an olive tree or give away the tree and the box of oil for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion!
Exclusively for owners: our best!

A tree sponsorship in the hinterland is more than a sponsorship: it is a partnership! Because our Tree Sponsors themselves become temporary olive growers in our small growers' community. And partners naturally participate in the yield!

You get 6 bottles of the finest olive oil per tree from our special edition "padrinas y padrinos" - exclusively for owners. Each bottle is individually labeled by hand with the number of your tree, the bottle and of course yours, or a name of your choice. This is by far not everything...
That's what you get:

6 x hinterland organic olive oil
in the official wooden box

1 x godparent certificate

6 x gift tags
1 x pourer
We will send it to you!

You will receive your olive oil directly at the beginning of your sponsorship. You are welcome to order a box for every occasion, be it because your oil is running low, or because a birthday or Christmas is due. Many customers give away the oil, sometimes as a box, sometimes in individual bottles. Of course, there are the reorders at a cheaper price, because no new sponsorship is received. All you have to do is enter the tree number and your email.
Find a tree for you or as a gift:
For companies and institutions

For several trees, companies or institutions we offer exciting conditions.
hereyou can inform yourself about it.

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I am totally excited and touched on so much quality

Alexandra A. / godmother for tree 047, 048 and 108