Your Tree.
Your Olive Oil.

With a tree sponsorship for an olive tree to your own, fairly produced organic olive oil!

To the sponsorship!
Special Price:
€ 120.-
per tree / year

That's how you do it right


good organic olive oil!
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A tree for you.
Or as a gift.
6 x organic olive oil extra
6 x gift tags
1 x doser
+ Certificate
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Of trees and mayors.

Why grow so great olives on Pacos grove, Alfonso gets a prize and even the mayor of Villena is proud of our family of growers, you will learn about the project in our small film
Real fair of you!

With a sponsorship for an olive tree you support the fair paid cultivation and the traditional manufacturing process - and on top of that get an incredibly good olive oil!
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Sustainably valuable.

With a sponsorship for an olive tree you are sending a strong signal for ecological and fair paid agriculture, traditional production and natural good taste!
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I am totally excited and touched on so much quality

Alexandra A. / godmother for tree 047, 048 and 108