Out of conviction
for the good cause
Why we do what we do
And why everyone has something of it.
The hinterland idea

Good, lovingly handcrafted things come at a price. Logically, you will think, but in truth it is like this: With the industrial production of food, we have largely lost our personal relationship with food and its appreciation. A quick look at the well-stocked supermarket shows that today everything is almost always cheaper.

Cheap prices do not come about without putting someone in the supply chain at a disadvantage. As a rule, it affects small farmers first, who either make their production more efficient at the expense of quality or who have to give up traditional handicraft under the cost pressure of the food companies.

To counter this trend, we use our model to create conditions that enable smallholder farmers to produce their product in a traditional manner, economically sensible and to the highest quality standards. With your contributions we can pay the producers fairly.

We would like to make a contribution to preserving the natural production processes of valuable foods in family structures. We are not traditionalists. We just like honest work and well done things. We want people like you to share in the joy and enjoyment of high-quality food in harmony with nature.
We promote
the sustainable
wonderfully valuable
For the good cause
Be closer.

With our offer we create a direct link from the producer to the consumer. We want you to not only know where the good things come from; but also who makes them and how much love is in them. hinterland is your personal little social supply chain. Your contribution to fairly produced food! Try it!
Sustainably valuable.
With a sponsorship for an olive tree is a strong sign of ecological and fair paid agriculture, traditional production and natural-good taste!
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