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Good thing:
Olive oil from the
Hinterland of Villena
Tradition meets taste. Good mixture!
In the hinterland of the Costa Blanca is the small town of Villena. For centuries, the best olive oil has been produced in traditional handcraft. However, the industrialization of production and low prices make it increasingly difficult for farmers to sell the green gold in order to make a living. Hinterland is committed to new perspectives and fair production. You can help us!
Why we get involved:

With the industrial production of food we lost the personal relation to food and its appreciation. A quick look into the well-stocked supermarket shows: Today almost everything is always cheaper available. Cheap means often poorer quality or less money for the producers. In some cases they are even forced to sell their goods well below the production price. Because the price makes as usual the market!

In order to be able to economically produce for this price, it requires huge landscapes of devouring monocultures, on which high-performance (but not necessarily better tasting) olive varieties are cultivated industrially up to the maximum yield. So it is not surprising that the quality-setting farmers in Villena have gradually give up production.
Strong tradition - strong oil!

The careful harvest by hand is a tedious and physically hard work, the early harvest before full maturity - for a quality oil incessantly - also less profitable. In addition, there are the costs for the year-round care of the olive groves, for the pressing and the actual bottling. With their backs to the wall, the producer families do not see a realistic perspective, the new generation is looking for work in the big cities and the groves are lying fallow.
With your help, we give small farmers
an economic perspective:
We pay fairly - on average 65% * above the current market price. For this, the farmers can farm the groves cost-effectively, process the olives into oil and even lay them on the high ridge for a while. In addition, we invest in the recultivation of abandoned groves, the repair of infrastructure, harvest requirements and the development of a self-sufficient sales structure. And of course, to stir up a bit of the drum for the good cause! Join now!
Sustainably valuable.
With a sponsorship for an olive tree is a strong sign of ecological and fair paid agriculture, traditional production and natural-good taste!
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The oil is great. Have given so many bottles for Christmas, had to be careful that a few left for us.

Margot and Hermann H. / godparents for tree 027